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Session 1

1B: Creating Honors Communities

Todd Cooke, B. Booth Quimby, Nicole Horvath, and Daniel M. Levin
“The Development of a Living-Learning Program in Integrated Life Sciences in the Honors College at the University of Maryland”

1C: Facilitating a Successful Thesis Experience

LeeAnn Baker
“The Undergraduate Thesis: Structured for Success”

Nichola Gutgold and Debra Rodgers
“Supporting Scholars through the Vigorous Thesis Process with a Comprehensive Multi-Support Approach”

Session 2

2A: Experiential Learning and Student Engagement

Kaitlin Heenehan and Paula Wilmot
“Honors Student Leadership Development through Student Organization Advising”

Chris Petersen
“Honors College Students in the OSU Libraries Special Collections and Archives: A Long History of Experiential Learning

2B: Honors Advising

Michelle McAllaster
“Support for High-Achieving Students through Advising”

Catharine Patrone, Ann Koopmann and Thomas Fitzgerald
“Honors Advising: Three Models that Support Honors Education and Its Value-Added Curriculum”

2C: Rethinking Honors Admissions

Mitch Kirsch and Jessica Hoffman
“A Look at the Data: Admissions Interview Program Makes a Difference for Applicants and the Honors College”

Sumana Datta, Jonathan Kotinek, Jamaica Pouncy, and Susan Geller
“Looking for Alternatives to SAT/ACT in Honors Admissions”

2D: Building Funding and Marketing Campaigns

Alvin Wang and Bridget Holt
“Creating Something from Nothing: Developing Strong Annual and Major Gift Programs”

Beth Kocher Gormley
“Think Like a Brand: How Agency Marketing Ethos Can Promote Academic Excellence”

2E: Honors Undergraduate Research

Sam Gellens
“Undergraduate Research and the Thesis Model at Yeshiva University”

Session 3

3A: The First Year Experience in Honors

Paula Wilmot and Kaitlin Heenehan
“UConn Honors First-Year Seminar Program”

3B: Defining and Differentiating Honors

Michael Manson and James Girard
“Curricular Reform and Problem-Centered Learning”

Session 4

4A: Inclusive Excellence and Diversity

Jessamy Hoffmann and Kaitlin Heenehan
“Providing Access and Support through Specialized Honors Communities”

Susan Yager
“The Challenge of Students with ASD in Honors Programs”

4C: Collaborative Undergraduate Research Programs

Legene White
“Undergraduate Research as a Dynamic Four-Year Experience”

4D: Theorizing and Assessing the Value of Honors Education

Bette Bottoms, Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, Serge Rudaz and Linn Van Woerkom
“Proving the Value of an Honors Education: New Models of Assessment Using Multivariate Techniques”